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Honey and Bees

Current 2023 Season Honey available

$10 per one pound jar


My husband, Jim, has been keeping bees for several years. He's a member of Gateway Beekeepers, in King George County, VA.  

We and our bees live in Chancellorsville, VA, which is in Spotsylvania County,  and also part of Fredericksburg, VA.

So, our honey is local if you're in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and parts of  Culpeper and Orange Counties. However, the bees have probably visited your yard if you live on U.S. Ford Rd., or in Estates of Chancellorsville or Mineral Springs Plantation.

We've been told that due to the darker color of the honey, our bees are foraging wild black berries, which are all over the place!  We're also in the forest, so they get  tulip poplar, black locust, red maple and holly trees. Of course, they get wildflowers and clover, too. 

How to attract pollinators? Read this article. We all need bees! Please plant native flowers!


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