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Dichroic glass
Quartz crystal and lab created ruby
Turquoise and black onyx
Herkimer diamond, star ruby, and green amethyst
Dichroic glass
Dichroic glass
Copper electroformed star ruby
Eco pendants
Copper electroformed picture jasper
Copper electroformed clay sculpture
Dichroic glass
Eco jewelry
Ceramic Om pendants
Copper electroformed jasper
Wire wrapped Yogi pendants
Dichroic glass bobby pins
Dichroic glass moons bobby pins
Cuff bracelets
Cuff bracelets & enameled bangle

Sterling silver, copper, gemstones, dichroic glass, fused & stained glass, electroforming, enameling.


This is just a gallery of some of my work. Current jewelry collections include:

Wire wrapped pendants, earrings, forged metal rings/bracelets/cuffs/earrings.


My jewelry can be found at:

Ponshop, Fredericksburg, VA

Liberty Town Arts Center, Fredericksburg, VA

and Etsy.

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